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Since 2018

The Mira Central Park



Thanh Le Co., Ltd. is the main investor of The Mira Central Park Hotel, one of the first and the only five-star hotels in Bien Hoa – Dong Nai, a major modern city with high income per capital and huge industrial areas in the Southeast of Vietnam. It is considered as the ideal destination for foreign experts, economic services and authorities in Dong Nai. Located in the golden position in the center of Bien Hoa city, Dong Nai province, The Mira Central Park provides travelling convenience by easily reaching the major places such as Tan Son Nhat airport (30 km away), Buu Long Tourist Park (13 km away), Vung Tau city (90 km away). The contemporary architecture combined with green spaces create an open airy atmosphere. Furthermore, the services and facilities are thoroughly invested in order to offer full high-grade experience. The parking is scientifically divided into multiple lines to meet different uses – for private access of motorcycles and cars; safety security system with modern equipments (smart card, CCTV system to record and identify number plates, store vehicle information – entry and exit points, image of vehicle owners); spacious area with large capacity, create favorable conditions for large groups of guests. This is one of the differences that make the hotel stand out.

Our Vision

Thanh Le Co., Ltd. has always been oriented to build permanent business strategies to emphasize the company’s reputation, high quality products, steady growth as well as sustainable development. In the region of Bien Hoa – Dong Nai, The Mira Central Park Hotel is estimated to become the top five-star brand, which can give the regional tourism a boost reaching greater lever in the future. Step by step, the hotel will certainly be considered as the ideal destination for vacation, business trips, conferences, wedding receptions, etc. for organizations, unions, enterprises, foreign experts, domestic and foreign guests.

Our Mission

Continual renovations and improvements have been taken in order to create an inspiring, convenient and elegant accommodation for the customers. More importantly, Thanh Le Co., Ltd. has built a training system of skills and profession in Hospitality with five-star standards for the employees. With professionalism, passion, enthusiasm, honesty, the staff at The Mira Central Park shall offer the customers warm, high-grade services. The hotel is worth being considered as “the second house” during short trips.

Our Story

Originally starting from the business in construction materials and interior design, through over 20 years of improvement and development, the investor of The Mira Central Park, Thanh Le Co., Ltd. has been asserting their position and reputation as a pioneer in a variety of professions, such as Hospitality, Interior Design, Construction Materials, Driving Training and Testing,.. in Binh Duong province.

In 1995

Thanh Le Co., Ltd. officially established with the main business field of construction materials and interior design.

In 2003

The company extended into Education, especially Preschool Education by inaugurating Tra Mi Private Kindergarten (No. 43, Ngo Quyen, Phu Cuong ward, Binh Duong).

In 2006

Investment was given to another 2 schools: Tra My 2 Private Kindergarten (No. 32, Huynh Van Luy, Phu Loi ward, Binh Duong) and Tra My 3 Private Kindergarten (No. 13, Bach Dang, Phu Cuong ward, Binh Duong).

In 2007

Thanh Le Co., Ltd. officially ran these two kindergartens and established a chain of Tra My kindergartens.

In 2011

Thanh Le Co., Ltd. expanded the business into Hospitality in order to renovate the services of accommodation and residence in Binh Duong province.

In 2013

The Mira Hotel invested by Thanh Le Co., Ltd. was opened and officially operating. Located in central Binh Duong, with such convenient position, The Mira Hotel has attracted the interest and acceptance from a large crowd of both domestic and overseas customers.

In 2018

Thanh Le Co., Ltd. extended their market into Bien Hoa - Dong Nai. The first five-star hotel in the region was inaugurated and operated.

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